Feature Matrix

EdgeAll makes learning math simple and easy with its innovative features. Not only is it designed to help child, it also makes managing child’s goals and performance a breeze for parents and teachers. And it is all for FREE.

Here is the list of features provided by EdgeAll.

Unlimited practices and testsYes
Grade specific concept and topic video lessonsYes
Word problemsYes
Basic and Advance level problemsYes
Step by step solution for each problemYes
Connects child to parent and teacherYes
Planner toolYes
Goal based focussed learningYes
Parent managed motivating rewardsYes
In depth child performance reportsYes
Classroom to manage multiple children for teachersYes
Goals for the whole classYes
Classroom level reportsYes
PDF reports for offline referenceYes

Child Motivation
Motivating children to learn and practice math is a difficult task. Our goal-based learning approach helps keep the child focussed and setting rewards for goals keeps them motivated to achieve their best. They earn rewards by achieving goals.

Our intuitive interface organizes video lessons, exercises and tests in very easy to use tree structure creating a motivating learning environment.

Collaborative Learning Environment
Our collaborative learning environment which includes children, parents and invited mentors provides a constructive and active learning experience.

Parents or mentors can use planner tool to identify learning areas and create specific goals for learning. They can set motivating rewards for the child. Real-time progress reports keep children, parents and mentors keep abreast of the progress.

Show My Work
Showing the steps you take to arrive at the correct answer is as important as finding the correct answer. This feature allows children to show and save their work. Parents ans teachers can look at it to see if the child has really understood the concepts.

Adaptive Learning
We strongly believe that concept-learning coupled with practicing a large number of problems is the best way to learn and excel in math.

We have two-level video lesson structure. First, the concept videos which make sure that children understand the thinking behind the concept and its practical usage. Next we have the topic level videos which explains the topics and solves many common problems that children have. All concept and topic video lessons are organized with practice exercises and tests making it easy to find them.

A stepwise process is then followed for the practice problems. Two different complexity levels for exercises and tests help children choose their own pace.

Word problems are always hard to learn for children. We have a large number of word problems in our database. Solving word problems at advanced level ensures that the child has the complete understanding of the topic.

Our unique step-by-step solution for each problem further cements the foundation and clarifies any question that the child may have about a problem.

All this and access to unlimited practice and tests makes sure the child has got the best learning environment.

In-depth Progress Reporting
Knowing the progress of your child is a very important part of learning, both for the child as well as for the parents and teachers. You have access to the following reports at all the time:
  • Summary report at chapter level
  • Detailed report at topic level
  • Goal report. Helps you find how much of the goal is done.
  • Full access to all the exercises and tests done by the child
  • Comparison report. Tells how your child is doing compared to other children doing the similar exercises or tests.
  • Improvement report. Clearly tells you the area child needs to work more.
  • Time spent
  • Tool to create PDF reports for printing and future reference
We believe, with these reports, you can find any kind of progress data you may want about your child.

Classrooms for Teachers and Tutors
My Classes dashboard allows you to conveniently organize all of your students in different classes. This feature not only helps you save time, it also helps you create customized learning and practice plan for each student.
  • Create your own classes of students
  • Create goals
  • Assign individual goals to students
  • Track progress of all the students at class level
  • Track progress at individual goal level

Learn Anywhere, Anytime
In today’s environment, people use different devices to access internet. edgeAll is designed to run perfectly on all devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones running iOS or Android making it available at all times.

Common Core Aligned Content
Our copyrighted content aligns with California Common Core Standards. But we do not want to restrict ourselves. Our aim is to provide the world's best content. Some of the techniques for problem solving are borrowed from other country curriculum which puts the child on par with the best of the world and definitely gives an edge.And we are constantly augmenting the content using the curriculum from other US states.

Child Online Safety
We take child’s online safety very seriously. The web site is designed to take minimal information from the users. Everyone with whom our child users interact with on the website has to be approved by the parents or legal guardians. We do not allow access to any information about our users. We do not have third-party links which a child can accidently click. For details please read Terms Of Use and Privacy Policies.