Is the web-site child safe?
Yes. The site is fully child safe. We have taken several steps to ensure it:
  • We do not allow children under 13 to create their own logins. In such cases we want a parent to create logins.
  • The child cannot communicate with mentors/teachers unless allowed by the parent by setting a flag in child's profile.
  • We take the minimal information required to function about the child.
  • We do not allow access to child information to any third party.
  • We do not allow any third party links to be embedded in our website.
  • Please refer to our Terms And Conditions and Privacy Policies for details.
What kind of information do you keep for children?
We keep only child first name, last name and grade in our database.

Do you sell the information to other companies?
No. We do not provide child details to any third party.

Do you allow child to upload image, go to chat room or talk to other people?
No. We do not have any such facility in EdgeAll.

If a user logs in through 3rd party like Google or Yahoo, what information do you retrieve?
We get email, first name and last name only.

Is your content California Common Core Standards compliant?
No. We do not have the compliance certification but we try our best to make sure we are California Common Core Standards aligned.

Is your content compliant with other state boards?
No. We try our best to ensure that we are California Common Core Standards aligned. We also look at the resources from other states and other countries to enhance our curriculum.

What is your philosophy for content?
Provide the best content by absorbing the various practices and techniques of teaching math from all parts of the world. We have also made sure that we are California Common Core Standards aligned.

I have a suggestion for you. How do I tell you?
We really appreciate you feedback. Please send us your suggestions at

What do I do if I forget my password?
Click on Forgot UserId/Password on the homepage or on sign in page and follow the instructions in the email.

What do I do if I forget my username?
Click on Forgot UserId/Password on the homepage or on signin page and follow the instructions in the email.

How do I change my password?
  • Login using your user login and current password.
  • Click on your name showing on the top in smaller font
  • Change your profile information including the password
  • Click on update
  • Logout
  • Login using new password
What are the technical requirements for using EdgeAll?
EdgeAll can be accessed through Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome. It can also be accessed by mobile devices running Android or iOS.

Is it absolutely free?
Yes. EdgeAll is free.

Do you take credit card for verification?
No. We do not make any financial transaction.

Do I have to create login to see what kind of content you have?
No. Click on “Sample Video and Questions” on homepage. On left you would find access to all the chapters for all the grades. Please note these are only some of the questions we have in our database. To take advantage of all the features EdgeAll provides, you will need to register or login using third party login process.

How do I create my child's login?
To ensure child safety, we do not want children under 13 years of age to create their own login. You need to do the following:
  • Click on Register link and create your own login or use third party like Yahoo and Google to login
  • Log in using your login
  • Click on My Students
  • Click on Add and create your child login
  • Note down the child login and password
  • Give it to your child
Can I add more than one children?
Yes. You can add as many children as you want. You can create them by clicking My Students menu option. You will see the details of all the children logins you have created here.

Can I create multiple accounts with the same child email?
We do not take child email address as input. Once, as a parent or legal guardian, you have created your own account, you can create as many children accounts as possible.

Do I need to provide email id for the child?
We do not take child email id. All communication will be sent to your email id.

Do you provide progress report?
Yes. There is a very detailed progress report functionality for all of your children. Refer to Features for full details.

Do you provide solution for all the questions?
Yes. We do provide step-by-step solution to all the problems the child would be doing.

Do you have video lessons for all the topics?
Yes. We have video lessons for all the concepts and the topics for all the grades. You do not have to search for them. Links are available in order once you create your goal.

What is the purpose of Show My Work whiteboard?
It is designed to allow the child to show the work required to solve the problem. This feature is really helpful for parents and teachers. They can see if the child has really understood the concept. Since saving the work takes a lot of storage space we would save it for a limited time only.

What is the difference between a Parent and a mentor?
A parent or a legal guardian is the creator of the child account and can manage rights of the child. A parent can also manage goals and rewards. So a parent is an owner as well as the mentor of the child.
A person invited as mentor CANNOT manage child account. The only rights a mentor has are the ones given to him/her by the parent.
So a parent is child account owner as well as a mentor. A mentor is just a mentor.

What is the difference between a teacher and a mentor?
There is no difference. We mostly use the word ‘mentor’ because we believe a mentor could be a teacher or someone else (e.g. father, sister, mother, brother etc).
The ‘My Classes’ feature is meant for mentors who are mentoring many children. They would be using this feature to manage children. Most of the time mentors who are mentoring many children are teachers.

How do I make someone my child's mentor?
Because of the strict child safety policies we do not allow children to invite mentors without their parents consent. The default behavior is that only a parent or a legal guardian can send an invitation to the mentor. There is a flag in child profile which can be set to allow children to invite mentors themselves.

What do I do if I want my child to repeat an exercise?
You can always go back to the exercise you have finished and do more practice by clicking the button "Practice Similar Questions".

What if a student does not have time to practice questions for multiple chapters just before exam?
You can create a goal of type "Cumulative Review Goal" where questions are chosen carefully so that only a small number of questions cover all the chapters. This kind of goal is helpful before exams.

What all information about the child is accessible to the mentor?
By default, the mentor can see only the screen id of the child. But the parents can set flags in child profile to allow mentors to take a look at progress report and rewards.

Can the child post a comment for the video lesson?
By default, the child can neither see nor post any comment for the video lessons. But the parents can allow it by setting flags in child profile.

Can a teacher add a student?
No. The teacher or mentor has to be invited by the parents. Parents can give permission to students to invite teachers or mentors by updating child profile.

What kind of rewards can I give to students?
You can be creative in setting the rewards like giving stickers or homework pass. You could also request parents to set small rewards for the goals you create.

What is ‘My Classes’?
My Classes is a very useful features for teachers or mentors who mentoring more than one child. It allows you to create classrooms and classroom specific goals. These goals are assigned to every child in the classroom.

Once you have created the classrooms and class level goals, you can assign children you are mentoring to classrooms depending on the grade they are in.

These goals appear on child goal dashboard. This saves a lot of time to teachers who mentor many children from different grades at the same time.

There are many class level reports which you can use to get an idea how everybody in a class is doing.

If you want to create a goal specific to a child, you can always do it by going to the goal dashboard of the child.

I am a teacher. How do I get all of my students to have account on EdgeAll?
As a teacher, you cannot create child accounts. We would recommend that you contact each parent and tell them about the advantages of having an EdgeAll account. Give them your email id which they can use to send invitation to you.