Enriching the young kids with humble roots- EdgeALL!

The only way to Learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics - Paul Halmos

On the same lines of our own Los Gatos famous Mathematician Paul Halmos principles, EdgeAll Inc is established on humble beginnings, instilling the importance of practice and discipline in the everyday life of our kids. We are Diwakar and Sunita, who like all parents out there, wanted our two children to realize the importance of education. We understood the role that academics play in providing a solid foundation for succeeding in life along with other traits such as grit and curiosity. While Sciences and Arts are crucially important as well, math is where a majority of students face challenges and need practice. We started to look around for help.

Although there were many tutoring centers around our area, finding time in our and the kids' ever changing schedule was difficult. The lack of progress reporting always made us question the real progress our kids were making. Was the money we were investing into this benefitting our child? Over a period, the cost of tutoring also became significant. After talking with other parents, we realized that we were not alone. Many parents were facing the same challenges. We wanted a solution where my children could learn and build unforgettable concepts with everyday practice and reach perfection over time in an enjoyable way where they realized with hard work they could achieve what they wanted. While their learning was made fun, We also wanted a system which could provide an easy to use, individualized and collaborative learning environment with the parent or any tutor without having to worry about setting aside a lot of time in preparing content, grading or for tracking the kids progress. Out of this need edgeAll was born.

It took us several years and a lot of back and forth in creating a system to have it all!

  • Online Elementary Mathematics Resources that are aligned with the Common Core and CBSE syllabus.
  • Automated Grading and Feedback system.
  • Flexibility to create individualized learning courses/class
  • Easy, Less time consuming, stress free teaching experience for homeschoolers,parents, teachers and/or tutors
  • Fun and motivating learning experience for the elementary kids with eye catching creatives

We believe what we have here is a world-class after-school K-5 Math Learning and Practice website which is going to become a part of your and your children's life for a long time in establishing strong math basics in an unforgettable way.

Be assured we are not going to stop here. We are working hard to come up with innovative features which would make learning math easier and more productive. In addition, we are also trying to incorporate feedback from students, parents and teachers, which will help us towards our goal of making EdgeAll even more useful, fun and exciting for each and every student.

Thank you for reading our story and we can't wait to hear your experience and feedback from you. Stay in touch and Happy Teaching!

Let Us Help You Bring Home your Child a Math Friend!

Sunita Nag